Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Nobodies #32 - Lindsey Lohan's Cooch

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Show Summary:
Talk to the hand, We're Like Two Peas In Your iPod, Spare a square, Pimpin' at Kmart, I own K-Fart, SLUG BUG!, Dicktionary, Queen of Farts, Priapism, Urethra Franklin, Forum Frenzy , Pow pow pow, *Burp*, Man Crush, Nickalodeon Kid's Choice Awards, Lindsey Lohan, Will Smith Wisdom, Pink - Stupid Girls, 1st shift jubalee, E-Mail, Blog & Blog, vote whores,

Peace Out ~Queen of Farts~
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Blogger KevinC said...

Jay, dude!

Not wanting to sound like an ad, but as a fellow Jack Black fan, I wanted to ask if you know about his behind-the-scenes podcast of his next movie:


This film was written by the same guy that wrote School of Rock --- which is a great story in itself.

Take Good Care,

5:08 AM  

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